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Minisode #2 – Beach Tips With Shore Beach Service

It’s almost time for the beach!

The weather is going to start warming up soon, and that means that our beaches are going to fill up.  At this point in the year, whether you live in the snowy North or are a Hilton Head native, we’re all ready to head back to the beach.  So, in the spirit of inching us a little bit closer to that summer sun, we’ve invited Mike Wagner of Shore Beach Services to join our conversation.  Mike offers us some great tips on how to enjoy the beach safely, and how to not get in to too much trouble.  We talk about everything from bringing your pet dog (or monkey) to making smores to jellyfish stings to running in slow motion.

We realize minisodes are supposed to be shorter, but this conversation was so great we didn’t want you to miss a thing.  So, grab some sunscreen, give it a listen, comment below, send Mandy an email (mandy@hiltonheadislandcast.com), and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, or where you get your podcast.

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