The Return of Lean Ensemble and Musical Guest Jos Vicars – Episode #28

The Theater! The Theater! What’s Happening At The Theater?

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With Crescendo festival in full swing (see Episode #27), we wanted to bring back one of our favorite guests, Blake White, from Lean Ensemble to talk about the upcoming theater season.  On this episode, Blake has brought along Amanda Sox who will be staring in the upcoming production of  “Who Am I This Time? (& Other Conundrums of Love).”  During our conversation we cover everything from disturbing plays to Spongebob Squarepants to life as an actor to Amanda’s own podcast The Nervous Record.

Then, we talk busking in Amsterdam, hiking the Appalachian Trail, living on a sail boat, and of course music with this episode’s musical guest Jos Vicars.

This episode is jam packed with great stuff, so make sure to listen and then share with your friends!


Lean Ensemble

Amanda Sox

Jos Vicars

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