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Minisode #3 – The Mermaid Of Hilton Head

Hey listeners! We’re posting this episode because we just could not wait for you to hear from our guest Nina Leipold aka The Mermaid of Hilton Head!

If you listened to Minisode #2, you heard us talk about not taking sand dollars from the beach, and Mandy suggesting someone should write a book about that. Well, in this minisode we talk with Nina Leipold, author of “Sammy The Sand Dollar.” During our conversation, Nina tells us about her adventures as a conservationist, a children’s book author, a breath-trained free diver, and yes… a mermaid. We had so much fun hanging out with Nina, and we’re pretty sure Mandy is trying to figure out how to get one of her tails. So, grab your snorkel, give it a listen, comment below, share with your friends, send Mandy an email (mandy@hiltonheadislandcast.com), and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, or where you get your podcast.

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