Top Golf Hacks And Tips Plus Musical Guest As Husband And Wife | Podcast Episode #21


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Get The Most Out Of Your Golf Game On Hilton Head Island

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Anyone that has ever picked up a club and tried to put a small white ball in a hole in the ground hundreds of yards away knows that golf is a beautiful, simple, frustrating game.  On today’s episode, Mandy talks with Chris and special guest Hope Arent about top tricks and hacks to get the most of every round of golf.  So the next time you head out to the links on Hilton Head Island, in Bluffton, or wherever you are, these 6 golf tips / tricks / hacks, will make your round enjoyable (even if you’re like Chris and spend most of your time in the woods and sand).

Then, duo As Husband & Wife bring some incredible music and even more incredible personality to the podcast.  They join Mandy & Chris to chat about love, music, and Michael Jackson covers.

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